For the NERD….I mean SCIENTIST in your life

When you specialize in any of the STEM (science, technology, engineering, and mathematics) people often assume you’re a nerd. A friend once said to me “so how nerdy are you?” I didn’t even know how to respond because I don’t consider myself a nerd, I mean not really – not in the stereotypical sense at least. I never really thought much about it I guess, because when people see me they usually assume I’m in the fashion industry or something (my little sister is actually). So, I started wondering, then I realized I kind of am a bit geeky.

For instance, I was doing a little online window shopping on ModCloth – looking for some summertime lab-friendly attire (who else does that?) and stumbled upon some cool science themed items.  Of course I must be a nerd because I was extremely excited about this. There is a neurotransmitter bracelet, beaker shaped shot glasses, test tube desk organizer, and even a female chromosome t-shirt. If you’re ever at a loss for a gift for the nerd…*cough* I mean the scientist in your life, check out these great ideas:

neurotransbraceletmodclotherackspicechemshotglass modclothteainfusermodclothvitapensmodclothauringmodclothauearmodclothdeskorgmodclothteexx

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