Phony Pharmaceuticals, Counterfeit Medicine as Dangerous as Street Drugs.

Fraudulent pharmacies have popped up all over the internet, to take advantage of the high profits that can be made off of selling pharmaceutical drugs. These sites often offer cheap prices and discounts on otherwise expensive medications. They also usually allow the purchase of prescription medicines without the need for a prescription. Often-times the medicines sold online are counterfeit medicines, and while they may seem like a suitable alternative to expensive prescription drugs, they are harmful. The manufacture, warehousing, distribution, and sale of counterfeit drugs is a criminal enterprise, and worldwide problem affecting the healthcare system. Globally, the counterfeit pharmaceutical drug trade is a multibillion dollar industry, and ten percent of the worlds medicines are counterfeit.

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Bath Salts Still Responsible for the Zombie Apocalypse

Bath salts” may still be responsible for the zombie apocalypse. A Florida man ate another mans face, again! The first time it happened was in Miami, 2012. Most recently 19-year-old, Austin Harrouff attacked and stabbed to death a couple in their own garage, and then commenced to eat the face of the male victim. The last time designer drugs commonly referred to as “bath salts” were implicated in the cause of such heinous cannibalism. The toxicology reports however, did not find the drugs in his system, and now that it has happened again, people are hesitant to blame the incident on a drug induced psychosis, but are suspecting a mental health illness.

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Medicinal Marijuana Alternative Kills French Man.

marijuanamedicalMarijuana was listed as a Schedule 1 drug in 1970. At the time it was considered to have no medicinal purpose; as the discovery of the first cannabinoid receptor wouldn’t occur until the 1980’s. Due to governmental suppression of illicit marijuana use, research into its medicinal use was discontinued.  Recent debates over legalizing marijuana coupled with new understanding of the cannabinoid receptor system in the human body has renewed investigation into the development of pharmaceutical therapeutic alternatives. The alternatives include receptor-based drugs, inhibitors of enzymes that break down endogenous cannabinoids, and synthetic compounds that can modulate how cannabinoids bind to their receptors. Ideally, alternatives should have improved efficacy, potency, duration of action, safety, and the beneficial properties of marijuana, but without the harmful side effects. Continue reading