“On The Spot” with Lani – Ph.D. Grad Student.

Graduate school can be tough, but being a graduate student in the STEM can be exceptionally challenging. The challenges are not just academic, but social, and personal. In my experience being a graduate student is somewhat of a mystery to many people. To illustrate what its like to pursue a Ph.D in science, I’ve interviewed another Doctoral Candidate, from Auburn University, Alabama. She responded in pink font, and I felt it was so indicative of her personality, that I kept it. I enjoyed reading about her journey. Keep reading to find out how a one time aspiring model becomes a scientist.

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Difficulty with C.Diff: A Personal Account

As we transition into the colder weather, many people will get sick. Seasonally, the most likely cause of illness will be from the common cold or influenza (flu). Many will seek treatment, and request antibiotics. However, the cold and flu are caused by viruses, and antibiotics can do little to nothing in their treatment. Many people are not aware, that over-use of antibiotics can be harmful. Even when antibiotics are correctly taken to treat bacterial infections such as pneumonia or strep throat, there can be a down side to treatment. Such is the case with “Tiffany Lotus”(name has been changed due to sensitive nature of this condition), who after treatment with antibiotics for reoccurring Urinary Tract Infections developed C. Difficile Colitis.

Stacia (aliquot the science spot interviewer):  Infection with C.diff is opportunistic, meaning it occurs after there has been a disruption of the normal flora or microbiota of your gut. This could be a result of antibiotic use. Was your colonization subsequent to antibiotic treatment?

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“On the Spot”: Interview with Veterinarian Nastassia Germain

 I have the pleasure of introducing you all to a friend of mine. She has graciously agreed to do an interview for us, in order to help give a better understanding to the public of the real lives of persons in the science and medical field.  Also to give clarity to what these careers actually entail, and most importantly to give a face to the profession.

What is your name, title/current position and where do you work?

My name is Dr. Nastassia Germain, DVM. I currently work at a small animal general practice in Brooklyn and I also do per diem Emergency shifts at a 24 hour emergency hospital. I am actually currently looking to transition from general practice to ER full time. Continue reading